Indians renewing visas to the US will be exempted from a personal interview. The new rules would apply to visa categories B1, B2, C and D. This new programme will permit consular officers to waive interviews for some qualified applicants who are renewing their visa either within 48 months of the USA visa validity or four years, of expiration of their previous visa and within the same classification as the previous visa.
However, this may not apply to everyone, who satisfies the norms. Consulate would have the liberty to call any applicant to appear for an interview in view of security concerns.

Note that eligibility for interview waiver does not guarantee a visa issuance nor does it guarantee that an interview will be waived. Although the visa interview maybe waived, pax may still be required to appear for fingerprinting. Any necessary notifications will be made by the email address listed in DS 160 online application

To determine whether you may be eligible to renew your nonimmigrant visa without appearing for an interview, criteria are as mentioned below Select Yes/No
1) Do I have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the visa class for which I wish to renew.
2) My previous visa was issued in India.
3) I am applying in the consular district where I want my passport delivered.
4) I confirm I have no refusals for a visa in any category after my most recent visa issuance.
5) If I am applying for a B1/B2, my prior B1/B2 visa expired within the last 48 months or is still valid
6) If I am applying for a C1/D, J2, L2, or H4 visa my prior visa in the same category expired within the last 12 months or is still valid
7) I understand that if my visa was issued before January 1, 2008, I may be required to submit fingerprints at a consular section.

If you have selected ‘’Yes’’ to all the questions above, you may be eligible for Visa renewal/re-issuance without a Visa interview.

Please note that children under 7 and applicants above 80 years are not required to appear for an interview under any circumstance.


Common process for all the applicants

STEP 1—– Fill the form online and get DS160 barcode (to be done by pax)

Visit the website and fill DS 160 online. After the form is filled completely please save it and you will get a barcode in the end, also known as CEAC barcode. Please keep this barcode with you for future reference.
STEP 2—– Pay the visa fee in the bank

Please send the visa fee draft & the passport copy to us. We will submit both and get a receipt of the bank, which is known as HDFC 9000 series receipt. We will then courier this receipt to you.

STEP 3—– Take appointment online through VFS

Visit the website and take a interview date .You will require both; the barcode (as got from step no. 1 above) and HDFC receipt at this time. Once you take the date online, you will get an interview letter. Print this interview letter.

Kindly send the barcode, HDFC bank receipt, interview letter and the passport copy (COLOR COPY ONLY)of the pax back to us again to submit at VFS, 5 working days before the appointment date. The process is now complete. On the interview date appear personally at the consulate General along with the original passport and other relevant docs.
Please carry original financial and other supporting papers at the time of interview. For more information on the documentation, kindly visit the website

Sub : 0800 hrs. to 0930 hrs. at VFS for step no. 3 above

Coll : Passports will be delivered directly after 3 working days by Blue-dart couier at the applicant’s home or office address after the interview.

Fees :
For B1/B2/J categories
1 Draft for Rs9100/- favoring “US Embassy- Visa Fees” & 1 Draft for Rs. 387/- favoring “HDFC bank A/c VFS” (ONLY NATIONALISED/FOREIGN BANK DRAFT)

For H/ L/O/P/Q/R categories
1 Draft for Rs. 10750/- favoring “US Embassy- Visa Fees” & 1 Draft for Rs. 387/- favoring “HDFC bank A/c VFS” (ONLY NATIONALISED/FOREIGN BANK DRAFT)

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